Luxury Real Estate Market Is a Still on Fire in Vail Colorado 2022

May 25, 2022by BeccaC25

Top 4 Reasons the Luxury Real Estate Market Is a Still on Fire in Vail Colorado

Eagle County’s luxury real estate market prices continue to soar in Q1 of 2022 according REcolorado/Metrolist MLS, and Vail Association of Realtors. The luxury market prices continue to skyrocket as residences under the 1M price point have a less modest gain.

Now more than ever, it’s important to be smart with your investments. While the stock market roils with uncertainty, luxury real estate is in a state of seemingly perpetual growth. More wealthy individuals are choosing to invest in luxury real estate in favor of their pre-pandemic investments

Investing in luxury real estate is a prescient move at this moment as luxury real estate investment continues to intensify and as economic conditions continue to be in flux. In fact, financial analysts are beginning to recommend this financial move.

Here are the top 4 reasons the Vail Luxury Market Continues to Soar:

  1. The Vail Valley Lifestyle and Low Inventory

One of the largest ski resorts in North America, Vail has come to be one of its most popular–and most prestigious places anyone could invest in. Developable land is almost non-existent in Vail. Vail has been getting a makeover since the 1960 with millions reinvested in infrastructure upgrades.  Bob Lazier, a prominent Vail Valley developer and pioneer was instrumental in creating this story book town of Vail, helping create this world-class investment and world-renown destination.

Prime real estate in Vail is almost non-existent; however, the Lazier family has saved their crown-jewel property for a very special project of Luxury Condominiums in Vail Colorado nestled in the heart of the prestigious Lionshead Village.

  1. Interest rates historically relatively low, increases on the horizonFor now, interest rates are appealingly low and have attracted a new slate of investors who see the value of luxury real estate and its bright future. This wave of interest has made luxury real estate a formidable long-term investment with a foundation to outlast most financial turmoil. What’s more, these rates will not last forever but, even when the rates depart, luxury real estate will still be a great investment.
  1. Higher returns than assets like gold.Furthermore, luxury real estate has historically been a better investment than comparable assets such as gold and silver. Much of these returns are due to the growing interest in real estate that tends to outpace almost any other asset type.

As money moves, so does land. Every person who has had success in their lives look to luxury real estate almost immediately as the trophy to their success and good fortune.

Each year, the number of those who can invest in luxury real estate grows too. So much so that even during a historically low economic cycle investors continued to outpace builders. This culminates in one conclusion; luxury real estate is one of the best investments anyone can make.

  1. Projected growth of the luxury real estate

Speaking of growth, the luxury real estate market is on track to grow faster than ever before thanks to renewed interest in its resiliency and value. Just as the world seemed poise to quit, real estate continued to barrel onward with building and growth.

The slew of investments in luxury real estate have come from all over the world as the global value of real estate proves to be a safe haven from political and economic upheaval. Luxury real estate is one of the greatest assets to own for those who want security, growth, and opulence.


Luxury real estate is an incredible investment now and will only see projected growth into the future. Luxury real estate values continue to climb due to historically low-interest rates and as more investors see it as an effective hedge against inflation. Luxury real estate usually has a much higher return on investment than other inflation-hedging assets like gold. More investors are using luxury real estate as a prudent financial instrument, especially considering the recent projections of accelerated growth.


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